B Uniq Blonde Hair Purple Shampoo Review

Whether you have blonde hair naturally or have dyed them, both conditions require extra care from you to keep them protected against dryness, dullness, and discoloration. Adding Purple Shampoo to your beauty product list is one of the best ways you can opt for if you are concerned with increasing brassiness and dullness of your hair.

With a plethora of options available in the market, you may get overwhelmed while the deciding on an excellent purple shampoo. Investing in B Uniq Purple Shampoo, in this regard can be a smart decision for your color-treated hair.

B Uniq Blonde Hair Purple Shampoo Spilled

The product is loaded with wholesome and organic ingredients to combat yellow tone and simultaneously to moisturize your hair. The shampoo can reduce brassiness while adding a smooth texture to your hair. You can regain the lost shimmer and color tone by using the intensive formula of B Uniq Purple Shampoo.

About The Product

Buyers who are looking for a natural and different formula to revitalize their blonde hair, B Uniq Purple Shampoo is a product they can rely on for their hair needs. The excellent product has an aim to inhibit discoloration and reduce dullness of blonde hair.

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    Comes with a reliable formula to combat brassy and yellow undesirable tones
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    Suitable for bleached, gray and blond hair
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    Has the quality to cool down hair tone
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    Comes with money back guarantee
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    Has vitamin B5 as a natural component to soften hair
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    Entail UV filters for sun protection
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    Weighs 10.7 ounces

Because of countless benefits, B Uniq Purple Shampoo sets itself apart from the other Purple shampoos in the market. The product is potentially stronger than other shampoos due to its intensive formula that makes it suitable for all kind of hair, even if you do not have blond hair it is equally beneficial for you.

Similarly, the enriched formula of this shampoo suits all types of blond highlighted bleached and color-treated hair. It perfectly balances the strident yellow tone with its powerful neutralizing components that further combats discoloration of your blondes.   

Not only does it protect highlighted hair but works best on your silver/ white hair. Moreover, by adding a silvery brightness, the miracle product boosts the color pigments and maintains the color tone for a more extended period.

The shampoo has been a game changer for silver and platinum hair as it rescues the natural color pigments while reinvigorating hair care. The violet tone, when applied to platinum hair, adds hues of purplish shades and locks the shiny glossiness.

The product is exceptional when it comes to the versatility it offers a perfect blond shade. You can use the violet shampoo until you get the desired shade. It has ultra purple pigments-especially to enhance the color tone of light blondes. The concentrated violet-tinted formula boosts the color tones and brightens up the blonde or silver coloring.

The shampoo has Pro-vitamin B5 which is another feature of B Uniq Purple Shampoo that has impressed buyers- especially those, whose hair has many chemicals and artificial hair treatment.

Using this preservative-free hair product is an ideal solution to strengthen the natural hair growth and color protection. No longer do you have to worry about harsh chemicals like Paraben and Sulfate that can damage your hair as B Uniq Purple Shampoo is preservative free.

B Uniq Blonde Hair Purple Shampoo Ingredients

Since protection against brassiness or discoloration is not the only thing you expect from your shampoo, hair shine and volume are also shampoo essentials.  Considering this, B Uniq Purple Shampoo entails an enriched formula that tackles all kind of hair problems from color protection to removing hair dryness.  

Upon using 2-3 times in a week, it softens hair strands and revives shine from the dry, brittle hair. Combined with regular shampoo it doubles the effect and helps you achieve shinier and vibrant hair color between the extended visits to the salon.

Moreover, ultimate protection against harmful sun rays is a feature that distinguishes the B Uniq Purple Shampoo from its competitors. The miracle product comes equipped with UV filters that help you protect your color-treated blonds from hazardous ultraviolet radiations while maintaining and toning golden shade of your hair.

Last but not least, the product comes with a money-back guarantee that makes it more reliable for its customers.



  • Protects bleach blonde hair
  • Revitalizes dull and brittle hair
  • Preservative-free
  • Protects against UV radiation
  • 100% money back  guarantee
  • None

What Others Are Saying

With its top-notch qualities, B Uniq Purple Shampoo has taken precedence over other hair care products. Buyers are delighted how this bargain buy has enhanced the color of their tresses. Super-potent, the hair product is formulated with natural ingredients that have brightened and balanced the tone of buyer’s hair color.

Most buyers have rated the shampoo as the best product they have tried so far-especially people with platinum hair and have recommended it heartily to banish brassiness. Furthermore, buyers considered it a lifesaver for their color-treated blonds and reflected positively on the all-rounder qualities of the product.

Buying Advice

Though this best Purple shampoo has got the positive remarks from most of its buyers, there are specific complaints regarding dryness that it causes if used daily. On the other hand, buyers who used the product with conditioner felt their hair extra smooth and vibrant.

B Uniq Blonde Hair Purple Shampoo

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So, using the product with conditioner is more useful for your hair.  Aside from this, buyers are satisfied with both price and beautiful effects of the Purple Shampoo. If you are interested in buying, the product is available on Amazon under $40. 

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, B Uniq Purple Shampoo contains a potent formula that is undeniably better than any conventional shampoos to give your dull and dry hair a vivid violet tone. Features like intense color pigments, UV filters and organic extracts of vitamin B5 are not something offered by too many brands in the hair care industry. 

Thus, this miracle product does wonders for your natural or color-treated blond hair if used with conditioner and toning mask.

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