Beauty With A Twist Purple Shampoo Review

Looking for a complete hair toner to look after your blondes?  Well, if you have naturally blonde hair or just have dyed them from a salon, maintaining golden locks is not less than a challenge. Hair dullness and braininess are few of the common problems of light-colored hairs as they are susceptible to dryness and discoloration.

Purple Shampoo in this regard, can be a solution to deal with discoloration and brassiness of blondes as it has an excellent toning power that brightens up your dull and yellow hair.

Beauty With A Twist Purple Shampoo Back Side

Beauty With a Twist purple shampoo tones down the highlighted or yellow shades by reintroducing platinum vibes. By concealing strident tones, purple shampoo treats the shaded base of discolored tresses and neutralizes them.

About The Product

Buyers who have blonde or bleached hair, this shampoo is a must-have to maintain and protect the color of their hair. The product sets its aim to become a lifesaver for natural or dyed blondes by providing a complete hair solution to the problems like brassiness and dullness.

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    Contains an enriched formula to treat brassiness
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    Has organic extracts to nourish hair
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    Comes with natural protein eliminates dullness
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    Sulfate and Paraben free
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    Is not tested on animals
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    Weighs 8.8 ounces
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    Comes with conditioner for the quick and best results

Companies like Beauty with Twist have always introduced quality products when it comes to growing or maintaining healthy hair. The manufacturers have proven it again via introducing their new hair care product ‘Purple Shampoo.'

This new hair guardian is quintessential and stands out for its incredible features for protecting and locking blondes against discoloration.  It helps you keep your hair protected when it exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, hard water or heat styling.

The organic, high-quality ingredients act as the color-preserving pigments to eliminate the harsh yellow-orange tone of blonde hair.  The product does not contain paraben or sulfate that are typically added to keep the hair product fresh and bacteria free, but at the same time, the preservatives strengthen the growth of cancer cells. 

Moreover, sulfate is highly reactive and can cause severe skin sensitivities.  So Purple Shampoo by Beauty and Twist ensures its organic composition and steers clear the preservatives containing products.

The product adds more life to your hair and is an excellent product that neutralizes golden blond shades to make them appear brighter. Plus, it works equally for those who have natural gray hair.

The miracle shampoo adds trendy pastels that give your gray hair a blue undertone. The purple pigment deposits in the hair shafts to cancel out an unwanted brassiness of both gray and highlighted tresses.

The Purple Shampoo works wonders for tinted hair.  It contains a unique formula that does not only protect your blonds but adjusts the color tone and cleanses your hair. It creates a rich lather to wash hair gently; also it softens the dull and dry hair.

The rich preservative-free formula delicately strengthens the color-treated tresses. The special violent-tint does not strip the hair color while nourishing and replenishing them. It further tones the bleach blondes making them entirely manageable with an extra glossiness.

Holding Shampoo In Hand

If exorbitant protein and keratin hair treatments for damaged hair have already caused you an arm and leg, then it is the right time to reconsider your shampoo options. Referring to this, the Purple Shampoo is your perfect choice if you need a complete damaged-hair treatment.

The natural proteins in the shampoo are undeniably an excellent way to treat brittle ends of your hair. The proteins also nourish your hair and add bright highlights. Thus, upon using Purple Shampoo as a weekly treatment, your hair will not only regain their natural glossiness, but it will reduce dullness and color fading.

How To Apply

The miracle Shampoo is very easy to apply and not much different than your regular shampoo. Applying little quantity of hair and let it sit for at least 5 minutes if you have extra brittle hair. Rinse its rich lather with water and see the striking effect within weeks.



  • Organic components
  • Easy-to-use formula
  • Cost-effective
  • Tones down dullness and brassiness
  • Gives Shiny hair
  • Maintains Pastel hair
  • Travel-friendly
  • Often leaves purple tint in hair

What Others Are Saying

Some buyers rated the product with five starts and added their glowing reviews regarding their incredible experience with Purple Shampoo.

Most of them have applied the shampoo with conditioner and observed the brassy tones to reduce within 2-3 weeks. Buyers switched on using the shampoo to recover from their worst hair experience they had in a hair salon and agreed that product worked for them.

Moreover, buyers expressed that Purple shampoo leaves their hair extra smooth and shiny and locks their blond color perfectly. Most of them showed strong desire to purchase the product again.

Buying Advice

There were few complaints that shampoo stripped the gray toner-especially when buyers use it daily. However, you can use the product on a weekly basis. Other than this, the buyers are satisfied with their fantastic hair transformation.

Beauty With A Twist Purple Shampoo


If you are interested in buying, you can avail the exciting discount offers on Amazon. The product is available under $70.

Final Verdict

All in all, if you are looking for a good product that can protect your natural or salon dyed blonde hair, adding Purple Shampoos to your bathroom shelf will benefit you. The miracle product is specially made to treat brassiness and dullness of blonds caused by heat exposure. The shampoo is also recommended by professional colorist to maintain the tone of your hair color.

It is handy for brightening the blonds and making the strands shinier. The cool-toned improved formula does not entail preservatives making the product safe to use. It can be used as a regular shampoo as it gently cleanses your blonde while protecting them. Thus, it is one of the best neutralizers that revitalizes your hair and balances the brightness of the color tone.

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