ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo And Conditioner Review

Have you bleached your hair blonde and are now worried that your head will start looking brassy within a few days? It is a prevalent issue with women who bleach their hair and use other coloring products to get their desired look.

The brassiness of the hair can completely ruin the entire look for which you have spent your money. However, with ArtNaturals Color Balance and Tone Purple Shampoo and Conditioner, you can rest assured that there is a formula that accurately takes care of the issue mentioned above.

ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo And Conditioner Featured

Bleaching your hair blonde or silver is already quite a challenge. Many women complain that they are never able to get the bleaching results that they had expected.

About The Product

If you have finally managed to get the perfect bleached blonde look, rinsing your hair a few times with water should not mess it up. A lot of shampoos take care of a lot of things, but ArtNaturals is especially suitable for bleached and silver hair.

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    It is a formula that exclusively works for bleached and colored hair
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    Not only does it give your hair the right tone but the coconut extract takes care of the health of your hair too
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    It gives your scalp a massage due to the vitamin E in it
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    The formula is surfactant-free allowing your hair to retain their color for a long time
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    The conditioner is an excellent moisturizer and a complement to the shampoo
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    It comes in two simple-looking yet beautiful identical bottles
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    The violet pigment prevents hair from becoming yellowish

Why should it be a challenge to bleach your hair your favorite color? And if you finally manage to get them just the perfect color, why should you lose that beautiful hue within just a couple of days? These are the issues that ArtNaturals purple shampoo and conditioner set addresses.

It contains the pure violet pigment that helps your hair maintain their silver and blonde shine while keeping away the yellowish hue and brassiness. The surfactant-free nature of both the conditioner and the shampoo ensures that it does not deprive your hair of its beautiful color.

In addition to helping you retain your stylish hair, the shampoo contains ingredients that will boost the health of your hair too. The coconut extract is one of the leading parts of the product giving it hair-healthy qualities. The coconut content of the product makes your hair look shiny. It also promotes the health of your hair by working on the split ends and getting rid of them.

Split ends are only one of the many problems that can make your hair look lifeless. This product even contains vitamin E for promoting blood circulation in your scalp. Once blood starts circulating in your scalp, it automatically takes care of your hair follicles.

Once your hair follicles are healthy, the growth of new hair is possible. Moreover, your hair will start becoming healthier too. The shampoo has moisturizing effects, but the formula goes a step further for the retention of your hair color and bleach.

ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo And Conditioner Ingredients

The formula of the conditioner is also unique as it makes the color stick to your hair. Once you have started using this set, you can rinse your hair as many times you want in a day without worrying about losing their color.



  • The products only work on your bleached hair
  • It locks in the hair color with the conditioner’s formula
  • It prevents the yellowish hue that ruins the silver and blonde hair
  • Vitamin E promotes the circulation of blood in the scalp for healthier hair
  • Coconut extract acts as the rejuvenator for lifeless hair with split ends
  • Surfactant-free formulation helps hair maintain their blonde or silver color for a long time
  • The packaging might not be the most attention-grabbing for a shampoo product that helps bleached and colored hair
  • The price can be steep for some people

What Others Are Saying

You can look at the reviews, ratings and comments that customers have given about this product. It is clear that they love the product for the most part. You can say that this is one of the best hair color balancing products in the market based on that rating.

A majority of the customers has loved the product for delivering the promises. Customers have also enjoyed the fact that the product makers have not tested the product on animals. The shampoo and the conditioner do not contain any sulfate according to the customers, and they love this as well.

Many of the users have also admired the fact that their hair feels moisturized after shampooing. They like it because most other purple hair shampooing and conditioning products make hair dry. In addition to how it makes hair healthy and shiny, users have also praised the smell of the shampoo.

Buying Advice

In today’s digital world, customers trust customers the most. They give more weight to the customer reviews than the experts. You can see the overall feedback from the customers and realize that they love this product. That’s the first win for the product.

ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo And Conditioner


The second win is that it is a purple shampoo with various health benefits for hair. It takes care of the split ends and rejuvenates the lifeless hair. It is the perfect product for you if you have recently dyed or bleached your hair. It might not be your first choice if you are looking for a shampoo product for the general purpose.

Final Verdict

ArtNaturals color balance and tone purple shampoo is a recommendable product on any given day. It promotes the health of your hair, boosts scalp circulation, retains and locks in the dyed or bleached color, plus it smells nice.

There is nothing to hate about the product, and if you or someone you know is considering buying a purple shampoo, this has to be one of the toppers on your list. 

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